Budget Vote

Thank You Clarkstown Community!

School Budget Passes - BOE Members Re-Elected

Dear Clarkstown Community Members,

Thank you to Clarkstown voters for your overwhelming support of our school district. The school budget passed with 72% of the vote; 1,903 Clarkstown residents voted to approve the budget and 746 voted against it.

Board of Election members Christine Alia, Tamara “Tammy”  Bierker and Irene Tagaris were re-elected to three year terms to begin July 1st. We congratulate them and thank them for their service to our students and community. 

As we end what was a truly challenging year in our school history, the show of support from our community is more important now than ever. We thank all of the parents, students and Clarkstown community members for your involvement and the value you place on public education. 

The Clarkstown Central School District


Voter Tally Sheet - May 18, 2021