December Principal Newsletter

Posted by Lisa Maher on 12/1/2018

Dear Woodglen Families,

Welcome to the festive month of December.  The holiday season is upon us and creates a perfect time to teach young children important life lessons about gratitude that may extend throughout the year. Understanding gratitude can be tricky for children, who by their nature, tend to be self-focused. Talking with children about being thankful for not only material things, but for acts of kindness from others, is one way to help children develop the skill of being grateful. As children grow with gratitude, they become more understanding of the needs and feelings of others.

Thanks to all of you for supporting American Education Week, PTA events, workshops, and school wide drives that took place these past months.  They were all incredibly successful. These special events are never possible without the hard work of many individuals.

Report Cards

Our first trimester is completed, and on December 7th, first trimester report cards will be sent home.  Please remember that the report cards are aligned with New York State standards, and as the standards evolve, so do our teaching practices.  

Arrival and Dismissal

With this busy time of year, please make sure that all notes sent in for pick up, childcare changes, or after school activities are dated.  A note must accompany any change in your child’s afternoon arrangements. The notes should include the student’s full name, parent’s name, parent’s last name, teacher’s name and street address/bus color.  If a child will be going to a different location or is being picked up by another person due to childcare needs, both parties must send in a note to confirm arrangements.

Please also note, students should not be picked up prior to 2:55.  This disturbs instruction for the entire class.

Children who are driven to school should exit from the car on the passenger side only.  Staff will assist them getting out of the car and with their belongings.  Drivers should not get out of their cars.  If a driver chooses to get out of the car, please park in a visitor spot and walk in with your child.

Please abide by traffic regulations.  Please do not pass a bus when the stop sign is out.  Please do not pass other cars. Please keep a very slow speed throughout the parking lot.

Winter Concert

Please come and enjoy our fifth grade winter concert planned for the evening of December 6th. Our K-5 Glee Club will be a short, opening act for the fifth grade. The students have been working hard with our music teachers.

Lost and Found

Please label everything.  If your child is missing anything, have them check the lost and found located in the cafeteria.  A table is set up in the foyer as well.

No School Days:

There is no school on December 24 through December 31.  School is also closed on January 1.

May your holidays be happy, healthy, and restful.  May your New Year be joyous.


Lisa Maher