Wednesday, February 26, 2020 DAY 1

Posted by Michael Roes on 2/26/2020


  • Home & Careers Club meeting the morning and after school in E103
  • Onlooker articles are due for revision today.  Share your article with both Ms. Loftus and Ms. McCormack
  • Glee Club meeting after school in B117
  • Festa Trivia Competition after school in D109
  • FFMS Book Club meeting after school in the Library Extension to discuss George Orwell's 1984
  • Paws for a Cause Club meeting after school in D102

Thursday, February 27:

  • 6th Grade Student Council meeting Period 5 in A214
  • Falcon Volleyball Tournament Students vs. Teachers after school
  • S.A.D.D. meeting after school in E101
  • Yearbook Club meeting after school in the Library
  • Create It and Make It Club meeting is cancelled for today

Friday, February 28:

  • Zumba Intramural after school in the B Gym Wrestling Room