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Rethinking Strategic Goals Underway

District and building administrators participated in a workshop lead by Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum Susan Yom last week to begin reworking Clarkstown’s Strategic Goals established in 2007.

Ms. Yom provided the participants with detailed data compiled from the responses to the  Strategic Goal Setting survey launched earlier this month. Drawing from this data and their own experiences as education professionals, participants began assessing the District’s strengths and weaknesses and sharing their individual hopes and dreams for the future of our District and its students.

Participants formed small groups that could easily share ideas as they were guided by Ms. Yom through short brainstorming sessions.  These small groups then came together finding the commonality in their thoughts and support for some new ideas.    

The workshop concluded leaving the groups to continue on this path a bit on their own and with a plan to come together again in the coming weeks.

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Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum Susan Yom Leads Group In Discussion


Small Group Discussions