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2023 Clarkstown Hall of Fame Inductee

During the Board of Education reorganization meeting on July 6, Paul Diamond was named the 2023 Clarkstown Hall of Fame inductee! This program recognizes those who have made significant contributions to CCSD and its students. A former social studies teacher at Clarkstown High School North, Paul is a shining example of a ram who has left their mark on society. “Paul was always a demanding teacher who held his students to a very high standard when it came to both school work and academic demeanor,” said Department Chair Jordan Turner. However, that did not deter our learners from performing at their best. “They respected and were motivated by this. Students recognized that Paul also held himself to these same standards as an educator and leader in our school community.”
Although he retired in 2014, Paul still maintains a presence in the halls of CHSN. A portrait can be seen hanging outside of his last classroom that is crafted from popular phrases — “Words matter,” “Every time you think it is over, it is not” and “Kiss your brain” — that Paul’s students associated with him. A prestigious honor for a prestigious individual…congratulations!