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Streamlined Attendance Procedures Beginning Monday, March 23, 2020

Starting Monday, March 23, 2020, attendance procedures will be streamlined.  Please email the person that is listed below if your child will be absent from distance learning and will not be able to participate, complete assignments, or log on.  

Please make sure to email the following information: 
  • Student's Last Name, Student's First Name
  • Grade
  • Reason for absence (i.e. sick, doctor's appointment, etc.)  Please report them sick just as you would on a ‘regular’ school day.    
Please try to send this information by 10a.m. We understand that many of you cannot email by this time.  When you can, please make every effort to notify us as soon as possible. Thank you!
The Clarkstown Central School District


Please email the person (below) by 10a.m. if your child will be absent from online learning and not logging onto distance learning for the day.


Antonietta Fragias - 


Randi Saltzman


Kim Aylward 

Laurel Plains

Jenny Ruskowski 


Celeste Tenore   -

Little Tor

Jennifer Rochford

New City

Cheryl Turkel


MaryAnn Campanella

West Nyack

Doreen Maritato


Helen Andromidas

Festa A

Vicki Goggin

Festa C

Jessica Donnelly -

Festa D

Janice Griffin

North HS

Denise Maguire

South HS

Rheynalyn Ragadio