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Link IB International Day of Peace

Link IB School Joins the World in Celebrating International Day of Peace!  

September 2019

Students from Kindergarten through fifth grade, along with their teachers, gathered in the Children’s Peace Garden to celebrate the 38th year of International Day of Peace.  Link IB World School participates in this celebration every year to spread words of peace around the world. In Mrs. Cuccia's welcoming remarks she reminded the children that "...Peace begins with each one of us! Every caring, thoughtful, kind word or action helps to spread peace.”

Every morning we all say the Pledge for Peace to spread feelings of respect and unity through the halls of our school. On September 18th, we had our “Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun” assembly to kick-off International Day of Peace. We have also been reading books about peace in our classroom and the library. Together with the community, students and staff we said the Pledge of Allegiance and the Pledge for Peace in the Children’s Peace Garden. Special guests in attendance were introduced including our Superintendent, Martin Cox, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Susan Yom, Assistant Superintendent of Personnel, Jefv Sobel, Clarkstown Board of Education Vice President David Gosman and Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski.  

Link Student Council members shared the origins of International Day of peace and introduced each grade level project.  Each grade level created projects that carry messages of peace and serve as a reminder that we can all make a difference! Student representatives from all grades shared their words of peace by singing, dancing, reading poems, displaying ways they can help peace soar, sharing projects explaining how the best part of themselves can be used to spread and promote peace and fifth grade wrote about ways to spread kindness and be role models in our school with the understanding that peace begins with me. One of our fourth graders reminded us, “My mouth is the best part of me because I can use my mouth to spread peace. I can tell people to be kind and treat others how you want to be treated. I use my mouth to speak to people and help them become better people.” Link students closed our celebration by singing “I’ve Got Peace Like a River” lead by our music teacher, Mrs. Kimmel.

Peace Begins With Me Link IB

Our superintendent, Mr. Cox, provided closing remarks indicating his amazement of our children and how they are leaders when it comes to spreading peace throughout the world.  Link IB World School hopes to continue to spread words, thoughts and actions of peace around the world. As one of our fifth graders said it best, “Peace begins with me and all of you!”  Link IB