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NHS Sophomore Claudia Jo Shares Her Work and Her Desire to Make A Difference

Claudia Jo, sophomore student at Clarkstown High School North, is a talented artist. More important, however, is that she is a kind and generous person. Claudia's artwork
has been donated to the Korean American Physicians Independent Practice Association (KAPIPA) and to the American Cancer Society East Asian Division to assist with health-related initiatives.

Claudia has received a $500 scholarship from the KAPIPA, but is donating these funds to the Clarkstown Central School District to support students in need.

Superintendent Cox recognized Claudia during last evening's BOE meeting, describing the multitude of generous acts she has participated in.  He concluded by saying, "Every day, faculty, staff and administrators come to work in our District to inspire students. Tonight, Claudia, the student, has inspired the adults. As Superintendent of Schools, I want to express thanks on behalf of the District to Claudia Jo for her generosity."


Claudia Jo Recognized at BOE Meeting