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Celebrating The Class of 2017's Valedictorians and Salutatorians

Jill Teitelbaum - NHS Valedictorian NHS Valedictorian - Jill Teitelbaum

“I’m all in!” is the catchphrase that best exemplifies Jill Teitelbaum, Clarkstown High School North’s Valedictorian for the class of 2017. Here is a young lady who savors challenge in all that she does and leaves no stone unturned in pursuing excellence. Couple her enthusiasm for academics with compassion, which finds expression in her work with both the St. Paul’s Food Pantry and the Congers Youth Ambulance Corps and the words “All In” become real. It seems to flow naturally that medicine is her career path. The ‘Buckeyes’ may have to redefine the word ‘determination’ once Jill begins her undergrad studies in the Honors Program at The Ohio State University!


Mia Belovsky - NHS Salutatorian NHS Salutatorian - Mia Belovsky

Mia Belovsky is a young woman of poise, passion, and precision. Mia, Clarkstown High School North’s 2017 Salutatorian, will be attending Pennsylvania State University’s 7-year medical program this fall. Mia’s passion for medicine is certainly reflected in her noteworthy research that she has conducted at Montefiore Medical Center, including research on Alzheimer’s Disease. In addition, she has completed numerous hours of hospital volunteer work. Derived from her passion for swimming, Mia founded a charity called KAPS 4 kids that collects and donates swim equipment to various swim clubs. Mia is selfless, respectful, and all-around remarkable. There is no question that she will surmount to great success in all of her future endeavors!


SHS Valedictorian - Kathryn ByrneKathryn Byrne

Katherine Byrnes is an extraordinary young woman who tackles everything in life with fervor and an open mind. Her dedication and unmatched work ethic have earned Katie the honorable title of Class of 2017 Clarkstown High School South Valedictorian. Throughout her academic career, Katie challenged herself with the most rigorous curriculum South has to offer, and she broadened her horizons senior year by attending the BOCES New Visions Honors Health Career Exploration program. In addition to being an outstanding student, Katie is an All-League-County-Section- All-State athlete. When she is not breaking records on the track, Katie enjoys reading, completing crossword puzzles, writing stories, and drawing. She has a fantastic sense of humor and a boundless imagination. Katie is the most humble, genuine person one will ever meet, offering kindness and compassion to everyone in her path. She will be attending Brown University in the fall, where she will study medicine. Brilliant and motivated to learn and master new skills, Katie will undoubtedly make huge contributions to the medical field and to society.


SHS Salutatorian - Jonathan KayJonathan Kay

Clarkstown South’s Salutatorian, Jonathan Kay, is a self-motivated and ambitious student.  He has a strong interest in politics and this interest has helped guide him throughout his high school years and towards his college and career aspirations. These aspirations have influenced his decision to intern at Congresswoman Lowey’s office. In addition to politics, Jonathan is passionate about music and theater, and he enjoys these disciplines as fervently as he does academics. Jonathan’s creativity shines through his varied activities at Clarkstown High School South including his performances in every Centerstage production since freshmen year, his singing and playing in South’s Troubadours, Ambassadors and orchestra, and his participation in South’s literary journal, Arcadia.  Jonathan has strong principles and questions and researches all aspects of life. He is an ideal student who aims for the highest goals, not for the glory, but for the pure love of learning.  Because of his academic prowess, Jonathan is a National Merit Scholarship Finalist, he has competed in 5 math modeling competitions and is the Co-Captain of South’s Academic League.  More importantly, he is determined to leave this world in a better way than he found it. This fall Jonathan will be attending Georgetown University where he plans to study Government.


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