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50 CCSD Students Recognized with RCC Black Achievement Award

In a virtual ceremony held February 24, 2021, 50 Clarkstown students in 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th grades were honored during the 2021 Rockland Community College (RCC) Black Achievement Awards. This competitive award recognizes outstanding scholastic, personal, and community achievement among students of African descent in Rockland County. Students are selected from the following criteria:

Elementary/Middle School – 6th, 8th grades

Academic Achievement: An academic average of 90% or greater, plus outstanding participation and accomplishment in at least two of the categories listed below.

High School – 10th, 12th grades

Academic Achievement: Eligibility for the National Honor Society, an academic average of 90% or greater, plus outstanding participation and accomplishments in at least two of the categories listed below.

  • Community Service – Student has shown his or her ability to serve and provide guidance and direction for others.
  • Artistic Expression – Student has shown talent in performing or visual arts.
  • Athletic Ability & Accomplishment – Student has shown athletic skills and sportsmanship.
  • Leadership Activity – Student has demonstrated leadership and provided guidance and direction for others.
  • Personal Triumph & Success – Student has demonstrated the ability to overcome and flourish despite individual obstacles and limitations.

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Congratulations to all our Black Achievement Award recipients! 

Felix Festa Middle School (Grade 6):  

  • Justin Charles
  • Ayva Davius
  • Mya Dzandu-Sackey
  • Owen Elaiho
  • Hannah Fahy
  • Cameron Harris
  • Jeune Lemuel
  • Mitchella Louis

Felix Festa Middle School (Grade 8):  

  • Ethan Antoine
  • Darcy Bailey
  • Adjoa Boamah-Nyarko
  • Cameron Brewster
  • Hunter Ditrano Smith
  • Roberto Domingue
  • Keysha Famby
  • Caleb Lewis
  • Roody Marcel

Clarkstown High School North (Grade 10):

  • Daniel Alleyne
  • Patience Burgess
  • Esther Kyambadde
  • Amanda Louis
  • Christopher Merilus
  • Victor Oduwegwu
  • Isabella Simpson
  • Andrew Spradley

Clarkstown High School South (Grade 10):

  • Jade Bailey
  • Christian Brewster
  • Amyah Dickerson
  • Amber Ewing
  • Boston Flannery
  • Victoria Foxton
  • Samiah Francis
  • Fedora Jean
  • Aiden Pierre-Louis
  • Noah Pierre-Louis
  • Sebastien Pierre-Louis
  • Ashley Rodriguez
  • Taite Roker
  • Ella St. Louis
  • Geordan Townsend
  • Kimberly Vera
  • Maxwell Watson

Clarkstown High School North (Grade 12):

  • Adjoa Mensah
  • Charity Oduwegwu
  • Max Oppong

Clarkstown High School South (Grade 12):

  • Jason Allen
  • Jeinab Bah
  • Sydney Coichy
  • Julian Howell
  • Ralph Louis-Paul
  • Tatum St. Louis