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ABC to AB Cohort Starting November 12

Dear High School Parents/Guardians:

We hope this communication finds all of you in good health and spirits.

The purpose of this communication is to inform you of a shift in the hybrid instructional model at both North High School and South High School.  Following an exploration process, a recommendation was made last night at the Board of Education meeting to shift from an ABC to an AB Hybrid model.  The Board of Education engaged in dialogue about this recommendation, which is attached here for your information, and supported the shift which will allow for the following to occur:

  • Beginning Thursday, November 12, students at both high schools who are participating in the hybrid model will attend school two days per week either Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday.  

  • Wednesdays will now be a 100% remote, synchronous, learning day where all students will be in class together (virtually).  Students will need to follow the period by period schedule to log on for classes.

  • There will be consistency for students where an AA and BB schedule will allow students to have odd and even day schedules.






Cohort A

Cohort A


Cohort B

Cohort B


  • Students in the Spirit and Strive classes at South and students in the ENL program, the 12:1:1 (PEC) program, Carousel and SAIL programs at North will attend school every day.

  • Students in the 15:1 program at both high schools will attend school every day except Wednesday.

  • BOCES students at both South and North will attend school on their assigned BOCES day for attendance.

  • Students will have four more in person days.

  • All current student class schedules and teachers will remain intact in this new model.

Please see the calendar (link) for the new cohort schedule. Students will receive updated information with their cohort designation on Monday afternoon.  This schedule will be in effect starting November 12, 2020 until January 29, 2021, the end of the second marking period.  Students who would like to return to in person learning may write to the principal prior to January 8, 2021 to make this request.

We welcome the opportunity to have more students in our school on a regular basis while seeking to meet their varying academic, social, emotional and physical needs.  The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging in numerous ways. As a school community, we continue to persevere and meet those challenges head-on while keeping our focus on serving students to the best of our abilities. Your patience, understanding, support and partnership in education is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s principal so we can assist you during this transition.

Thank you.

Stay strong! Stay healthy!


Martin Cox, Ed.D.

Harry Leonardatos, Ph.D.
North High School Principal

Debra Tarantino
South High School Principal

David Carlson
Assistant Superintendent of Special Education & Pupil Personnel Services

Susan Yom
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction