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Dear Parents and Guardians, 

If you have not yet completed the CCSD Technology Loaner Program Agreement, you must do so by October 26, 2020 to be included in the technology distribution program. 

The agreement is required if your child:  

  • Requires a CCSD chromebook or laptop for the current school year.
  • Has a CCSD issued Chromebook and wishes to continue to use it for the current school year (K-8 students). Any student who currently has a Chromebook and does not complete the form will be required to return the device to their school. 
  • Has a CCSD Chromebook and is a high school student who is required to upgrade to a laptop device.  

Within the next few weeks, there will no longer be shared devices available for students to use in the schools. This means that your child will utilize their CCSD assigned device for all educational scenarios both in and out of school. 

Parents can choose not to accept a CCSD assigned device. However, your child’s personal device will need to be used as their in-school device as well. 

The Clarkstown Central School District