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SHS Quarantine and School Reopening Update 10.7.2020

Dear South High School Parents, Guardians and Staff, 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through the protocols to address our positive COVID-19 case. 

At this time, our nurses and the Coordinator of Health Services have completed the outreach to those identified as having close contact with the positive student. This included individuals who may have been in contact on transportation, in classrooms or at athletic practices.  If you did not receive an outreach call or message, you are released from quarantine. 

All those who were instructed to remain on quarantine should reach out to their healthcare provider for further guidance.  If the healthcare provider recommends testing, please report the results to the school nurse. Please note a negative test does not change the quarantine.

For those who were contacted, your children will remain on quarantine until October 19th, and can access remote learning.  Siblings of the quarantined child may attend school as usual. 

Clarkstown South High School will remain closed tomorrow and for an additional day on Friday, October 9th utilizing 100% remote instruction.  Hybrid instruction will resume on Tuesday October 13th, which will allow us time to work through the staffing considerations that resulted from South High School faculty and staff being placed on quarantine.  



Deb Tarantino
South High School Principal 


Martin D.Cox, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools 


Sue Sherlock, FNP
Coordinator of Health Services