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Information On Reopening - FAQs

Dear Clarkstown School Community: 

As indicated in my last correspondence on July 2, the 11 subcommittees met in our District to discuss all aspects pertaining to reopening schools in the fall. 

During the Communications Subcommittee meeting, many helpful recommendations were made including the desire to have specific communications come to the public in a Question and Answer type format.  On that note, we are providing you with our first installment of a Q&A document.

The intent of the Q&A format is to provide information to questions coming our way from multiple stakeholders, a challenging task at this time while we all strive to lead in an environment that includes a great amount of uncertainty. This first set of Q&As is meant to provide a basic understanding of the work that is underway and how you can be involved. We will update the information on an ongoing basis. 

In addition to this Q&A document, we will also be providing a hub for information on Reopening plans via a webpage on the District website.  This will be available in the coming days. 

I look forward to our ongoing communication to keep you informed, updated and aware of all aspects of the Reopening Schools process. 

Stay strong!  Stay healthy! 

Thank you. 



Martin D. Cox, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools