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Update On Reopening Process: Survey Request and Subcommittees

Dear Clarkstown School Community:

I am writing to update you on our ongoing work with the planning process of Reopening Schools in the Clarkstown Central School District.  

On Monday, chairs of the subcommittees met to plan for meetings today that included more than 200 participants: teachers, staff, parents, students, principals, administrators and Board of Education Members.  The subcommittee meetings held today included the following:

  • Health and Safety
  • Instruction (Elementary)
  • Instruction (Secondary)
  • Technology
  • Human Relations
  • Communications
  • Facilities
  • Transportation
  • Food Services
  • Social Emotional Learning and Mental Health
  • Athletics

During each of these meetings, participants had the opportunity to share ideas and engage in dialogue.  The feedback will be discussed at a Subcommittee Chairs Meeting scheduled for July 9. In addition, it is likely that some of the subcommittees will need to meet again for the purpose of further dialogue on the multiple topics discussed.

On behalf of the District, I want to express my appreciation to those individuals who participated.  

Our process is intended to be all-inclusive. We are providing an opportunity for everyone in our school community to provide input via an initial survey that will close on July 7th. In the near future, there will be an additional survey that will contain specific questions, which will help the District obtain important information to finalize logistical and operational plans related to the process of safely reopening schools.

We will keep you informed and updated in multiple ways about the process of Reopening Schools throughout the summer, including reports from the various sessions.  I wish you and your families a restful and enjoyable Fourth of July Holiday Weekend.



Martin D. Cox, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools