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Change in Trips Policy

Dear Parents:

I am writing to inform you of a recent revision to School Trips Policy 4531 that is attached below this correspondence.  Following numerous sessions, the Policy Committee recommended and discussed changes for the Trips Policy and the revised document was approved at a recent Board meeting. The changes made for this Board Policy have were preceded by several meetings of the Policy Committee as well as a Trips Policy Community Input Forum on October 1, 2018 that included 49 stakeholders across the school community.

As your Superintendent of Schools, and while speaking on behalf of the work of the Policy Committee, please know that school trips and the educational experiences that come with such trips, are valued learning opportunities. However, there are shifts in policy that focus on a variety of aspects with international travel, non-district sponsored trips and advertising in the schools as indicated below in italics:

Non-District Sponsored Trips

Trips that are not officially authorized by CCSD are considered Non-District Sponsored Trips, and are categorized below.

  1. The District does not approve or support international travel, all international travel constitutes a Non-District Sponsored-Trip.
  2. Any trip that does not comply with the approval process contained in the policy is an Non-Sponsored-District-Trip.
  3. Non- District-Sponsored-Trips shall not take place when school is in session at CCSD.
  4. Employees shall take no action that creates a relationship between non-district sponsored trips and CCSD.
  5. No employee of the CCSD shall, during hours of employment by CCSD, including the use of district property or facilities; organize, solicit participation in, supervise, or take any student on a non-district sponsored trip.
  6. Prohibited use of CCSD property or facilities includes, but is not limited to, the use of any district or school: classrooms, meeting rooms or other facilities; website; social media sites; digital electronic resources; telephones; bulletin boards; email, computers, copy machines, mail machines or any other equipment or supplies; nor can the trip be advertised in school announcements or in school posting.

Principals have communicated the aforementioned information to their faculty and staff in recent weeks, and shifts have taken place in our schools to reflect the changes in Policy that were approved by the Board of Education.

Thank you. 


Superintendent's Signature

Martin D. Cox
Superintendent of Schools