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(April 27, 2021) A Message from the CCSD Health Services Department

April 27, 2021 

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Spring weather is finally here, more students are back in school, and I think we are headed in the direction of some normal times.   

However, we must still be mindful that there are Covid cases around the District and I want to remind you of the ways to limit exposure as well as the district protocols for students with symptoms in school. 

The first most important thing to do each morning is to check your child(ren) for any signs of illness and complete the health screening program known as Share 911.  This can be done through an app on a smart phone or through an icon on your computer.   

To access the Share 911 Wellness app, follow these steps:  

  • Download the free Share911 Mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play 
  • Once downloaded, enter your email address (the email address should be the same one that CCSD used to send you this email). 

Please do not send your children to school with any symptom that can be confused with Covid. I realize that we are in allergy season.  Please speak with your child’s healthcare provider for ideas on managing these problems and ask for a note to give to the school nurse that documents that your child has these issues.  This link:  has suggestions that will help as well.  

If your child is sent to the school nurse and the symptoms that mimic Covid, you will get a call to pick them up. The protocol that covers this has been in place since the beginning of the school year:  

New York DOH guidance is that symptomatic individuals in New York should be referred to a healthcare provider for guidance regarding testing.  An individual who does not wish to be tested should instead quarantine for 10 days, with subsequent monitoring for the next 4, and until asymptomatic.  

If the health care provider (hcp) makes another diagnosis, the student may return with documentation when asymptomatic.  

I realize it may be difficult to manage this, but we are tasked with providing the safest environment for our students and staff. 

Of course, face coverings, distancing and hand hygiene must continue to be practiced.  For those who ride the bus, PLEASE ASK YOUR CHILD(REN) TO SIT IN THE SAME SEAT ON THE BUS EVERY DAY, BOTH WAYS. 

Getting back to “normal” spring messages, please remind your children (of all ages) to wear a bicycle helmet.  Rockland County law mandates ALL cyclists wear a helmet.  It is a good law!! 

Also, please remember sunscreen.  Apply in the morning before school since we are trying the get students outdoors as much as possible, and on the weekends for all outdoor activities.  

Thank you for all your support this difficult school year.  I have met many of you on the phone and am grateful for your kind words.   

As always, please call my office if you have any questions. 


Sue Sherlock, FNP 
Coordinator of Health Services