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Loaner Device Next Steps for All Parents/Guardians

Dear Clarkstown Parents and Guardians,

We would like to update you regarding student technology devices and the steps all parents/guardians need to take to either receive a device or to continue using a device loaned out earlier this year.

As you may know, during the August 27, 2020 Board of Education meeting the District Administration recommended a lease purchase of 2,500 Laptop computers for student use. The recommendation was unanimously approved by the Board, providing the District with the ability to assign a device to every student. 

On September 21 we received the 2,500 laptops and our IT department is the process of imaging and setting up the devices for student use.

The next important step in the process is to ask each parent/ guardian to accept the terms of the CCSD Technology Loaner Program so that we can begin the distribution of both Laptops and Chromebooks.

Parent acceptance of the loaner program terms is required for a laptop or Chromebook assignment. 

In addition, if your child currently has a District Chromebook device you will need to accept the terms of the loaner agreement to continue using the device.

Please follow the instructions below to accept the terms associated with CCSD Technology Loaner Program.

The Clarkstown Central School District



Dear Clarkstown Parents and Guardians: 

In an effort to provide additional information and clarification regarding the CCSD student tech device program, please consider the following additional information.

The new student device program will allow us to assign one device to every student K-12. 

This was made possible due to the Board of Education’s approval on 8/27/2020 of a recommendation to lease/purchase an additional 2,500 Dell laptop computers.

To facilitate the one-to-one program, our approach will be as follows: 

  • Assign a laptop to all high school Students and redeploy the inventory of high school Chromebooks to grades K-8. 
  • High school students that currently have a loaner Chromebook will return this device at the time they are issued a new laptop. These returned devices will be disinfected and redistributed to K-8 students.
  • On 9/29 we will begin the distribution process which may take 10-14 days before all laptops and Chromebooks are assigned to students. This process will begin with Laptop distribution 9-12 followed by K-8 Chromebook distribution. Additional information regarding individual school distribution plans will be shared next week. 
  • At the end of this process all students K-12 will be assigned a device
    • K-8 Chromebook
    • 9-12 Laptop 
  • This process will also result in the elimination of shared devices in the schools. This means that your child will utilize their CCSD assigned device for all educational scenarios both in and out of school. There will no longer be shared devices available for students to use in the schools.
  • Parents can choose to use their own device instead of accepting a CCSD assigned device. However, please keep in mind that your personal device will need to be used as your child's in-school device as well. There will not be any shared devices in the school buildings. 
  • Students will need to be sure to fully charge their laptop/Chromebook each evening and bring their assigned device with them to school each day.
  • If your child is attending grades K-8 and currently has a District Chromebook device you will need to accept the terms of the loaner agreement to continue using the device.

The Clarkstown Central School District