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Results of Survey and Elemementy Cohort Update

Dear Clarkstown Elementary School Community:

I hope this communication finds you and your family members healthy and in good spirits.

Today, I am writing with an update on our analysis of survey data parents provided, regarding their choice of hybrid or 100% remote instruction for their child(ren). Last Thursday, I provided details during a Board of Education meeting and the slides from my presentation are attached here for your viewing. During the meeting, I reminded the Board of Education of the Guiding Principle which is listed below:

“The guiding principle is to increase the number of days students come to school while maintaining the instructional model for 100% remote learners.”

As a reminder, the desire for the survey was based on the fact that many classrooms in the nine elementary schools have not been filled to the maximum capacity of 12 students per class, on average, while adhering to the State Department of Health Guidelines.  As a result of the choices made by parents, the District is now able to condense 68 of the 159 classrooms, K-5, in our nine elementary schools. 

In addition, where schools were not able to condense cohorts, school personnel have been able to fill seats by having some students from A Day also attend on B Day and vice versa. The decision-making process for selecting students was based on students’ needs while using the attached criteria sheet that was consistently used in all of the elementary schools. By comparison, prior to the survey 194 elementary school students were able to come to school every day.  Moving forward, we will now have 1,443 students, K-5 be able to attend school every day.

Please know that our experience has been that many students enrolled in the hybrid model do not attend on their assigned days. Going forward, if your child is absent on five occasions, they will be transferred to remote learning. 

Looking ahead, elementary principals will be in contact with parents to inform them of students who will be attending each day under separate communication. Please know that with every idea during the pandemic, there are often obstacles that exist as well. As such, we will continue to monitor our staffing to ensure we have adequate supervision of our students and that we do not exceed 20 students per bus based on CDC Guidelines for 6-feet social distancing.  

Going forward, we will continue our partnership with principals to gauge our success in the above effort to bring in more students. We will continue to review other options to safely increase in-person instruction time.

Thank you.



Martin D. Cox, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools