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2018 Modern Woodmen's Speech Contest

Finals were held for the Modern Woodmen's Speech Contest yesterday afternoon.  The topic this year was "Inventions That Have Improved the Quality of Life." and students spoke about paper, artificial hearts, GPS, the internet and more.

School level contests took place in February and March at each elementary school and the middle school. The finalists from these contests participated in yesterday's competition at the Chestnut Grove District Office.

The final three winners are:

  • Hibba Fatima (WG) - 1st Place Award
  • Sophia Lombard (FFMS) 2nd Place Award
  • Aadi Balachandran (LP) - 3rd Place Award

The school finalists are:

  • Alexia Jacob (BD)
  • Kaleigh Reynolds (LW)
  • Chris Mundankel (LK)
  • Medha Mahesh (LT)
  • Ava Davis (NC)
  • Raphaela Lee (ST)
  • Timothy Yang (WN)
  • Jessica Charales (FFMS)
  • Anjali Kureekattil - (FFMS)


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