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2017 Invention Convention

Young inventors filled the black and white cafeterias at FFMS recently, standing besides carefully thought out presentation boards and prototypes of their designs, eager to provide demonstrations to all who came by. 

The Invention and Design Convention has become an annaul event at Clarkstown, designed to teach students in grades 1-6, problem solving skills through the invention and design process. 

Congratulations to the following winners of this year's competition:

  • 1st Grade
    1st Place - Emily Benson (LK) - The Interchangeable Heel

  • 2nd Grade
    1st Place - Katie Vivano (LK) - Stick-No-More

  • 3rd Grade 
    1st Place - Mia Zambri  (LW) - The Wiffle Wacker
    2nd Place - Jack Ferrara (LW) - The Shovel Shoes
    3rd Place -Alyssa Cherian (LW) - The Ice Cream Igloo

  • 4th Grade
    1st Place - Andrew Jaynes (WG) - The Goggle Gap Gone
    2nd Place - Keiran Mulrenun (LK) - Carmbrella Clip
    3rd Place - Christina Carbone (LT) - CIA Backpack

  • 5th Grade
    1st Place - Brendan Cortelli (LT) - The Lax-inator 1.0
    2nd Place - Katie Reidy (LT) - Cats Be Gone
    3rd Place - Vincent Coglianese (LW) - The Solo Sound System

Cats Be-Gone Presentation

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