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(April 20, 2021) Elementary Attendance Policy and Absences

Dear Elementary School Parents:

I hope this communication finds you and your family members in good health and spirits.

Today, I am writing to provide clarity regarding excused and unexcused absences as outlined in the points of emphasis below:

  • Elementary students who are receiving instruction via the In-Person Model and the 100% Remote Model are expected to stay in such a platform unless parents notify their child’s principal of a desired change, and that change is confirmed by the principal.  Parents may change instructional platforms one time prior to the end of the school year. 
  • Students who are receiving In-Person Instruction do not have the option on a daily basis to choose 100% Remote Instruction.
  • Instead, In-Person students who are not present at school will be determined to have an Excused or Unexcused Absence, depending on the reason provided similar to “pre-pandemic” attendance rules, and when doing so, they are not permitted to plug into instruction for that day via the Remote platform.

The rationale for the aforementioned information is centered on two points: the need to provide teachers and principals a clear understanding of students’ instructional choices and the ability to manage instructional delivery, and the desire to begin the transition of our students back to a regular school schedule and environment. 

Thank you.

Stay strong! Stay healthy!



Martin D. Cox, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools