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Felix Festa Positive Case - Reported March 4, 2021

Dear Felix Festa 7th and 8th Grade Parents, Guardians and Students,
As many of you have discovered, the sports link does not have the Girls volleyball and Football as mentioned in the message below. 
I have reached out to the vendor and will notify you as soon as it is corrected.
You can be assured that your student athletes will be cleared before March 15th, the first day of tryouts.
I apologize for the inconvenience

Dear Felix Festa Parents, Guardians and Staff, 

We are writing to inform you of a positive COVID-19 case at FFMS A School that we were made aware of yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, March 4th. As you know, no students were in attendance at FFMS yesterday. 

The student was last in school on Thursday, February 25th, Cohort B day, which was during their infectious period. 

Those who were in close contact with the individual while at school were informed directly by the Principal and School Nurse and were provided the guidelines regarding quarantine. Felix Festa Middle School is open tomorrow, Friday, March 5th on the regular schedule for all students and staff who are not required to isolate or quarantine. 

The impacted areas were deep cleaned over the weekend as a result of a separate case we informed you of on Friday, February 26th. 

These cases are reminders that the pandemic is not over and we must continue to practice the mitigating measures that help prevent the spread of the virus, including wearing face coverings, social distancing and washing or sanitizing hands.

Please remember to complete the Share 911 questions each morning before you or your students leave home for school.


Thank you.


Stay strong! Stay healthy!



Diane Mitchell, Ed.D. 
Mike St. John, Ed.D. 
Jonathan L. Schatz
Felix Festa Middle School School Principals 

Martin D. Cox, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools 

Sue Sherlock, F.N.P. 
Coordinator of Health Services