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Clarkstown Celebrates Computer Science Education Week

During the week of December 7-11, students across the Clarkstown Central School District took part in activities in honor of Computer Science Education Week and the global Hour of Code. This year, the District seeked to increase participation across all grade levels. Through collaboration with library media specialists and classroom teachers, children embraced the tech-driven curriculum for the first time through the remote learning model.

"This year, more than ever, technology is an integral part of all of our lives,” said Amanda Solarsh, Coordinator of Science, Technology and Engineering. “Computer science education and coding engage students in key critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are essential to their future.”

At Strawtown Elementary School and Link IB World School, Library Media Specialist Lisa Protzmann guided children through coding mazes and digital dance parties.  

Sixth grade Falcon Foundations classes explored the world of, creating interactive animations, games, or apps. The projects reinforce skills like digital citizenship, integral for their future no matter what opportunities they pursue.

Our K-5 Enrichment Team combined coding with story telling for its Native Ingenuity unit. The 12-week program for fourth and fifth grade students focuses on creative and logical thinking, design engineering, and coding. All lessons connect to the Indigenous People of the Eastern Woodlands.

Our FIRST Robotics teams at both North and South high schools shared how this innovative program promotes team building and leadership.

“We're so pleased that our students could still take part in Computer Science Education Week, even though we were remote,” commented Solarsh. “Thank you to all of the teachers who made these fun and educational learning experiences possible for our students.”

Learn more about Computer Science Education Week in Clarkstown CSD. 

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Code Enrichment


Code Enrichment Project

Code Enrichment Project