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Clarkstown Athletes Play in Section 1 Exceptional Senior Game

On November 13th athletes from Clarkstown South and North High Schools played in the Section 1 Exceptional Senior Game.  Top players from every school in Section 1 were in attendance at the game hosted by Clarkstown at Clarkstown North. 

South Head Coach Scarpelli was honored by being named the Head Coach for the “South Side” team, which both teams played for.  North Head Coach Joe Trongone is the Coordinator of the Exceptional Senior Game for Section One Coaches Association.

It was a wonderful tribute game for all of our Clarkstown football players! 

NHS and SHS Football Players


North and South
#53        Josh Kranine (North)
#28        Patrick Naughton (South)
#5          Ryan Thomas (South)
#4          Kyle Samuels (South)
#6           Matt Jung (South)
#40        Kyle O.Neill (North)
#7           Michael Tagaris (South)
#32        Michael Piscani (North)
#52        Chris Marchena (North)
#31        Drew Resciniti (North) 



NHS and SHS Football Players and Coaches

Team With Coaches (All from South)

Coach Saunders
Coach Naughton
#58        Patrick Naughton
#6           Matt Jung
#5           Ryan Thomas
Coach Kennedy
#4           Kyle Samuels
#7           Michael Tagaris
Coach Salerno
Coach Scarpelli