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Link IB Students Welcome Seniors!

Link IB Students Welcomes our Seniors!


Seniors enjoying their brunch! On December 7, 2016, students at Link IB World School, held their 15th annual Winter Senior Citizen/Veteran Brunch! This festive celebration is the school’s way of honoring and showing appreciation for the seniors and veterans in our Community.  Among the guests were 40 senior citizens from the Clarkstown/Pearl River Senior Center and several local veterans. The gala atmosphere was created by the entire student body through their decorations (lanterns, snow globes, and polar bears), holiday placemats and centerpieces.

A delicious meal was prepared by the PTA and served by 4th grade students.   Entertainment that parallels Broadway was provided by the kindergarten, second grade, and fifth grade student choruses followed by a remarkable third grader pianist, Yuemeng Zheng. 

Veterans Chip Hayes (Vietnam War Veteran), Cliff Fromm (who served 2 tours in Vietnam), Rocky Graziano (Vietnam War Veteran), and Karl Schaefer a 94 year old WWII veteran honored us with their presence this year.  Interacting with the students and staff, and sharing their stories, they helped the school realize its goal to develop an awareness of, and respect for, our local heroes.

Principal Francine Cuccia said that this annual brunch has become a tradition for ushering in the Holiday Season.  “Sharing a meal with such important members of our community (seniors and veterans) demonstrates our respect, and fosters deep appreciation and ties with our student body.  You have given so much to the community and are respected role models for our students.”  

Kindergarteners Sing! Under the musical direction of Mrs. Kimmel, the program began with Kindergarten students singing Snowpants by David and Anne Ellsworth, Snow is Falling Today, by David and Anne Ellsworth and the Snowkey Pokey. The second graders treated the seniors to two numbers: The Little Snowflake, by Teresa Jennings and Snow Day, by John Riggio. Next up was the fabulous fifth graders with two fantastic songs: No School Tomorrow If It Snows, by Jay Althouse and Winter Fun, by Mike Wilson

Superintendent of Schools with our Student Council  In attendance was CCSD Superintendent of Schools, Martin Cox, Coordinator of Elementary Education, Ellen Connors, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Susan Yom, K-12 ELA and Social Studies Coordinator, Michelle Zernone and Board of Education member Mr. Litvak

This community outreach event was a true collaboration of the Link School Family. Music Teacher, Mrs. Cindy Kimmel directed the musical entertainment and student concerts. The kindergartners, second graders, and fifth graders presented heart-warming winter themed performances. Alexis Maloney skillfully organized the event and invited our guests.  Link PYP Coordinator Danielle Jackson and the Link Student Council Officers emceed the event. Parent volunteers, staff and the entire student body worked together to warmly welcomed the seniors and veterans and provide them with a special day.

Pat Pereira, of the Clarkstown/Pearl River Senior Center accompanied Seniors to the event. Ms. Pereira, said “They (the seniors) look forward to it every year. They are so impressed by the warmth of the school and children.”


Student Council Welcomes our Seniors  Seniors Singing along!  Link IB student performs a solo on the piano  Link 5th Graders Sing  Link Second Graders finish with high spirits!  Superintendent Cox, Board Member Walter Litvak, and Veterans