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November 17 GPA Committee Meeting Recap

During the second GPA Committee Meeting, members of the group continued to discuss professional viewpoints pertaining to the formula for a student’s Grade Point Average.  

One hour into the meeting, Superintendent Cox shifted the focus by giving every member of the committee a worksheet to complete.  The worksheet allowed for the committee members to give their desired state for percentages of the GPA per quarter as well as the Regents examinations and/or final exam.  Completed worksheets were taped on the wall and all committee members did a gallery walk while viewing and discussing the information presented.  Back together as a full group, the committee discussed further what they had viewed while reading the desired state worksheets.  

As a closing activity, the members of the committee were given the opportunity to draft the components of the December 8 GPA Committee Meeting. In addition, the district wide community survey closed on November 28.  The results after 1,366 submissions, will be shared with the GPA Committee at the December 8 meeting.  

District office administrators are reviewing the input sheets as well as the survey results and are in the process of finalizing a data driven agenda format for the final GPA Meeting on December 8.