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How CCSD Handles Threats on Social Media

Dear Clarkstown Families,

In the wake of the recent school tragedy in Michigan, school districts across Rockland County and our nation have seen an uptick in social media "chatter" and potential threats to students, staff and community members. This message assures you that the Clarkstown Central School District and the Clarkstown Police Department continually work together to create a safe and healthy school environment. CCSD and CPD regularly share information regarding investigations into all rumors and possible threats.

The Clarkstown Central School District takes any potential threat to student and staff safety seriously. Our team uses every resource available to investigate each reported incident. If students or parents come across threatening posts, rather than repost that information, it should be immediately reported to CCSD or the Clarkstown Police Department.

As you speak with your children about this topic, please remind them that CCSD has “zero tolerance” for any person making a threat toward school safety - as outlined in our district Code of Conduct. This includes students using social media to threaten schools, other students and staff. We make it clear to anyone, of any age, who would issue or repost on social media: threats related to school violence will be punished to the fullest extent allowable. 

Students who make poor decisions to threaten the safety of others will face significant consequences. "It was a joke" is not an acceptable answer. Please join us in speaking with your children about the severe and life-changing ramifications of their decisions.

We also ask our adults to report potential social media threats or inappropriate comments and to not engage in ways that might inflame a situation. We teach our students to be responsible, respectful, community-minded citizens, and we expect all adults to be good role models.

We understand that recent tragic events and media coverage - locally and nationally - may cause anxiety in our students. If your student expresses fears or anxieties, or you feel your student needs someone to talk with, CCSD continues to offer counseling support across all grade levels.

Let’s work together to ensure that our students are in a safe and secure learning environment.

Jeff Sobel
Acting Interim Superintendent of Schools