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2019 AMA Highlights

2019 AMAs           On November 24, 2019, the American Music Awards aired. Often overlooked by viewers of the more famous Grammy Awards (which just aired on January 26th), the winners of these awards are equally deserving and talented.  A major distinction between the two awards is that “fans vote for the AMAs, while artists, producers, [and] songwriters … vote for the Grammys.'' TV and radio personality Dick Clark” created the AMAs in 1973 as a more viewer-friendly alternative to the Grammys” ( One could argue that an AMA is more coveted than a Grammy. Here are some highlights from the night when dreams came true.

          First, Carol King crowned Taylor Swift Artist of the Decade.  Before getting the award, Taylor performed a medley of her greatest hits like “Love Story” (her first song), “Shake it Off” (performed with Camilla Cabello and Halsey), “Lover” (most recent song), and many more. Fans were floored by her performance.  Also, going back to “Lover” - that performance was her First Dance Remix, which is out now. In Taylor’s speech, she said to her fans (AKA Swifties), “Thank you for being the reason why I am on this stage, from the very first day of my career until tonight.”  In reality, the medley of hits Taylor performed almost didn’t happen. A couple of weeks before the AMAs premiered, Taylor posted on her Instagram that Scooter Braun and Big Machine Records founder, Scott Borchetta, said that couldn’t perform her old songs on TV. They claimed she would be re-recording her music before she is allowed to do so next year.  Luckily, the Swifities fought back against Braun and Borchetta, and the conflict was resolved. In the end, Taylor was allowed to perform her old songs once again. 

          Another noteworthy event was Selena Gomez starting the show with her new song, “Lose You to Love Me.” The song proved that Selena was back and better than ever.  “Lose You to Love Me” was actually Selena’s 1st song ever to hit #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100.  In this performance she started singing with just a microphone, and without accompaniment. Then a small staircase and backup dancers appeared behind her.  The performance ended in a dance showcase and a slew of pyrotechnics. Selena’s performance was astonishing and a must-see. Did you know that before the performance, Selena had a massive panic attack?  Selena put too much pressure on herself, perhaps especially since she had a strong emotional connection to the song’s meaning. Thankfully, Selena had the guts to perform, and she did an amazing job. Well done, Selena!

          There are so many more amazing events that happened that night.  If you want to see what else happened, watch the AMAs on any device.  Also, features many articles about that night.

Sarah Weissberg