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Latest Apple Technology

iPhone XR and XS      Imagine a phone that has a Super Retina display in two sizes, two types that have the largest and liquid retina display ever, and a breakthrough dual-camera system with depth control.  Pretty hard to imagine, right? Well, fantasy just became a reality. Apple’s newest technology has improved big time. Apple recently introduced their newest products, and people are fired up about the new technology Apple has shared with the them, including the iPhones XR and XS.

     The new iPhone XR includes many new additions, like  an all-new Liquid Retina, a faster Face ID, the most powerful smartphone chip and advancements in the camera settings. According to, “the phone also has a 6.1” display with industry-leading color accuracy and a wide color range.”  You do not have to press the Home button to turn on the phone, but instead you can just tap to wake it. Compared to the iPhone 8, the iPhone XR has a bigger screen and a more durable front glass. It has precision-machined, aerospace-grade aluminum bands and is water- and dust-resistant.  Face ID just went to a whole new level in the new iPhone by introducing Advanced Face ID. According to Apple, it’s the most secure facial authentication ever in a smartphone, and now it’s even faster. The beautiful finishes of the back glass are achieved using an advanced process that allows for deep, rich colors.  If you are planning to get a new phone, get the new and advanced iPhone XR for just $899.99.

     If you are looking for a phone that is slightly bigger and equipped with an even more advanced camera than the iPhone XR, then the iPhone XS is just the phone for you.  The iPhone XS contains Super Retina in two sizes (iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max), a much larger display, even faster Face ID, and the most powerful chip in a smartphone. The iPhone XS has 5.8” display, while the iPhone XS Max has a 6.5” display, giving the iPhone XS Max the largest display ever on an iPhone.  Pretty cool, right? Also, like the XR, the XS has the same durable glass. Wireless charging is faster than ever, even faster than the 2017 iPhone X. Colors include gold and space gray. The XS use an advanced physical vapor deposition process on the stainless steel bands for colors and reflectivity that beautifully complement the glass.  The iPhone XR and XS are basically the same - the only difference is the price. The XS costs much more than you might think. With all the most advanced and newest technology ever, the XS costs $1,349.99. That may be insane, but Apple’s industry is increasing, and this phone proves it all.

     Apple expands every year with new technology that shocks the world.  It proves to us that they have skilled workers who do their job diligently and in an effective manner, proving to the world why they are the leading authority on technology.  The iPhone XR and iPhone XS have only enhanced their case. With them, Apple will keep soaring high on the market and make its company even more successful.

Gopesh Shreedhar