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Club Corner with Pierce Alvir: Academic League

question board      Do you enjoy shows such as Jeopardy?  Do you enjoy learning random fun facts?  If this is the case, you may want to join Academic League.  Academic League is a club that participates against other teams in a question-based game.  The games are timed and test the participants' knowledge.  Each team has four people sitting in on the game.  You don't need to have just academic knowledge to join the club; many questions are based on current events, sports, and popular songs and movies.

     There are more positions than answering questions.  One role is the scorer, who keeps trck of how many points each team scores.  Another position is the timekeeper, and his/her role is to tell the team when the time is up to answer a question.

     In addition, Academic League allows students to advance their memorization skills and knowledge of random facts.  The club can help improve speed at answering questions because the competitions require students to think fast.  Academic League is a good club to join because it provides a fun environment to meet new people and you can learn some cool new fun facts!

Pierce Alvir