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Readying Today's Students for Tomorrow's Experiences

United Way child volunteers      What is altruism?  More importantly, why should you have to know what altruism is?  It may sound like an obscure vocabulary word assigned for you to memorize in school, but there is so much more meaning to this essential term.  In its truest form, altruism is simply the practice of considering the people around you.  It's the idea that, when you look at a distraught friend, you become concerned with their happiness and well-being.  Now, imagine the person you're concerned with is a complete stranger about whom you have little knowledge - but it shouldn't matter.  Empathy is more important that ever in this day and age, especially given our current political polarization.  Adults who see the importance of altruism hve prioritized our education.  As the next generation of students, we are expected to inherit this broken society, to instill in it the importance of considering the well-being of those we encounter on a daily basis.

     In our local community here at CHSS, there are several clubs and well-organized efforts to encourage students to take part in our community.  Through dedication and practice, students are given an outlet to influence and contribute to the community in a positive and altruistic manner - a skill which will be sorely needed later on in life, on a larger scale than just our own local community.  As mentioned before, there are several clubs that ready today's students for tomorrow's challenges: the Youth of United Way Club, Youth for Hospice, Youth Against Cancer, Interact, and the United Service Organization, to name a few.

     This upcoming December, the Youth of United Way Club, supervised by Ms. Younghans and Ms. Montague, will provide students the opportunity to participate in the United Way of Rockland's Hope for the Holidays program, which gives families access to basic necessities on their wish lists that are donated by students like you during the holiday season.  Businesses, schools, and individuals are encouraged to take part in this event and "adopt" these families.  It's important to recognize that the littlest things we take for granted, such as socks, winter coats, and blankets, are the most important priorities for families who do not have those basic necessities made available to them.  Each year our school is proud to contribute in any way we can.  Make sure to stop by Ms. Younghans in Room 330 to ask how you can contribute to this great cause.

Margaux Castillo