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The Case of the Post-Holiday Blues

Post-Holiday Blues      Post-holiday blues are a real issue for many Americans these days.  According to, studies show that up to 25 percent of Americans suffer from low-grade to full-blown post-holiday depression.  How does this even happen? Often, people get themselves so psyched for the holidays that when they are over, people spiral into a depression.


     According to, one of the side effects of post-holiday blues  is stress. A little bit hard to believe at first glance, but the stress of the holidays, no matter the age, can cause an adrenaline rush, which could be referred to as a “holiday rush”.  All this stress and adrenaline kicks the body into high gear. When the holidays are over, our bodies withdraw from this adrenaline which causes a sudden change within the body and may result in people feeling under the weather and slightly depressed.

Lack of Sunlight

     A common factor that causes to become upset after the holidays, according to New England College, is a lack of sunlight. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is attributed with the seasons changing from fall to winter.  Often when the days become shorter, darker, and colder, people will get depressed.

How to Cope

     While the holiday blues are dreadful, there are also many ways to cope with it.  According to, a few simple ways to cope with the holiday blues are getting enough sleep and rest, getting exercise, listening to music, and even just taking some free time for yourself.  There are also actions you can take to prevent the holiday blues in the first place, like not going overboard with holiday planning, setting reasonable expectations, and setting a budget for the holidays to avoid financial problems, which is a main cause of holiday blues.  So if you’re feeling down after the holidays just know, there are plenty of people who feel the same way, and plenty of ways to help you get over your holiday blues.

Eden Binder