Parking on Clarkstown High School North campus is limited.  Students who wish to participate in the first round lottery for parking must complete the following steps by Wednesday, August 28th, 2019:

     1. Register for 2020 Senior Class Parking on google classroom using code: qcmyeqt

     2. Complete all four “assignments” listed in the 2020 Senior Class Parking google class:

    • Complete the online registration form;
    • Submit a signed Parental Permission Form; 
    • Submit a photo of your driver’s license;
    • Submit a photo of your vehicle REGISTRATION(s) – NOT your insurance card.

    Students must submit all required materials to the 2020 Senior Class Parking google classroom to be eligible to park on campus. With the exception of BOCES students, all student parking spots will be issued based on a random lottery. Seniors assigned to the Ball Field parking lot in the first semester will be given priority to park in the Main lot in the second semester.  All remaining Main parking spots will be subject to a lottery.


    July to August – Online Senior Parking Registration available. Register for 2020 Senior Class Parking on google classroom.

    • August 28th – Deadline to submit all parking application materials for 1st round of parking lottery
    • September 2nd – Parking assignments posted on the Senior Parking Google classroom. Students must park in their assigned lot starting on Tuesday, September 3rd. 
    • September 3rd to 6th – Report to the Annex Office to pick up your parking sticker for vehicle #1 before/after school, during lunch or a free period.  Parking stickers for a second vehicle will be distributed by security after September 9th. 
    • September 9th - All student vehicles must have a parking sticker to park on campus.

    Please note that parking on the grounds of Clarkstown High School North is a privilege. All parking regulations are in effect at all times. Failure to follow all guidelines and procedures can lead to loss of privileges.

    Additional Notes 

    • Parking applications will NOT be accepted if seniors have any outstanding obligations (e.g., books, uniforms, library fines, lunch accounts, etc.). Obligations must be met before the application deadline.  Email nrodi@ccsd.edu for questions about obligations.
    • Students possessing a Junior Learners Permit will not be issued a parking spot. However, any senior who acquires a driver’s license and vehicle after September 1st is eligible to apply for parking at any point during the school year.  Parking assignments are contingent upon availability.
    • Juniors may NOT park on campus.  See the student handbook for disciplinary consequences for parking violations.