CCSD Data Privacy Image
The Clarkstown Central School District Data Privacy & Security
  • What is NYS Education Law 2-D?

  • Where can I find more information on NYSED Data Privacy and Security policies?

  • What is the District's Parent Bill of Rights for Student Data Privacy and Security?

  • Is the educational software used in the District compliant with NYS Education Law-2d and can I view the list of CCSD approved web-based applications?

  • How do I file a complaint about possible breaches or unauthorized disclosures of my child's data?

  • What is "FERPA" The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act ?

  • Is the District's directory information policy available on the website?

  • Can parents opt out of allowing the release of directory information for their child?

  • Does the District provide training to employees on student privacy and data protection?