• FFMS Athletic Directors

    Dr. Christopher Serra, District Director of Athletics, Phys. Ed. and Aquatics      (845) 624-3970 x5565    cserra@ccsd.edu

    Mr. Mike Butler, Festa Athletic Coordinator      (845) 624-3970 x5857     mbutler@ccsd.edu


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    To all 7th and 8th graders!

    Hope you and your families are all healthy. We know how disappointed you are not being in school and being able to tryout for spring sports. Hopefully we can get back soon and see everyone on the field. In the meantime we thought we would offer you a source for offseason training. Please go to the classwork tab in the classroom to find out what workouts your coaches have in store for you. The google classroom code is: h3fkgj2



























    FFMS Sport's Phone Hotline for postponements and/or cancellations(please call after 2pm)