SCHOOL NURSE - Mrs. Mary Beth Clinton

  • CONTACT THE NURSE                                                           

    When your child will be absent or late:                                              
    Please call the nurse at (845) 624-3467 and press 2
    to leave a message on the answering machine.

    Phone during regular school day:
    (845) 624-3467 press 2

    email   Email:  


    Children need to come to school healthy and ready to learn.  In order to keep your child healthy, we suggest the following:

    • LICE:  Check your child's hair on a daily basis for lice.  If you treat your child, please report the treatment to me.  This will assist the nurse in controlling the spread of lice.

    • TEMPERATURE:  If your child has an elevated temperature (over 100 degrees) in the evening or morning before school and symptoms of a cold, cough, or sore throat, keep him/her home and seek advice of your physician.  A child should remain at home for 24 hours following an elevated temperature.

    • STOMACH UPSET:  Your child should remain at home 24 hours following a stomach or intestinal upset or until they can resume their normal diet.

    • RASH:  If your child has a rash that is itchy or oozing, keep him/her home and seek the advice of your physician.

    • RED-EYES:  Red, itchy eyes with a discharge.  Your child should be kept home and seek the advice of your physician.

    • STREP THROAT:  If your child is tested for strep throat, they should remain home while awaiting the results of a throat culture.  Your child may return to school following 24 hours on a medication with a physician's note.

    Please contact me immediately if your child has contacted a communicable disease or is hospitalized.

    Children may be excused from Gym and Recess for one day with a parent's note.  A medical note is required for longer exclusions or following surgery, hospitalizations, or serious injuries.

    Physical and dental exams are required for new entrants and Grades Kindergarten, 2nd, and 4th.  Scoliosis exams are required in 5th grade.  Forms are available in my office or a doctor's universal form is acceptable.  Children who have not brought in their completed forms will be scheduled to be examined by the school physician and a local dentist.

    I am available to assist you with the care of your child's health.  Please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Mary Beth Clinton, RN
    School Nurse