School Nurse

  • Contact Information:

    (845) 624-3417 option #4

    Student Absence/Tardiness

    • Please call the health office,  (624-3417 option #4) to report any absence and follow up with an absent note to be sent to your child’s teacher upon return to school.
    • The answering machine is on all night so you can leave a message the night before as the morning hours tend to busy.
    • Please notify us if your child is going to be late.
    • Please make every effort to get your child to school ON TIME. It is a good habit to instill when they are young. It is disruptive to the class and teacher to have a child arrive late when class has already begun plus stressful for the student as he/she misses those first important instructions for the day.

    Physical/Dental/Scoliosis Exams - DUE IN THE HEALTH OFFICE BY OCT. 1

    • New York State Education Law requires a Physical and Dental for:
      • New Students
      • Kindergarten
      • 1st Grade
      • 3rd Grade
      • 5th Grade
    • A Scoliosis exam is required for all 5th grade students.
    • Forms are available in the health office and online.
    • Children who have not brought in their completed forms will be scheduled to be examined by the school physician and dentist.

    Vision and Hearing

    • Each elementary school child is given a vision and hearing screening every year. If a condition is found as a result of the vision and hearing screening, the school nurse will notify you.

    General Health Information

    Health Issues

    • Lice: Those critters seem to multiply in the summer and fall months due to sleepovers at friends and sleepover camps. Please check your child’s head frequently starting at the nape of the neck and behind the ears. If you treat your child for head lice please notify us.
    • Ticks: Check your from child head to toe after playing outside. The tick should be removed as soon as possible.
    • Strep Throat: If a throat culture is pending for your child, please do not send your child to school until the final results are determined. Students must be home for 24hours after the first dose of antibiotic medication before returning to school.
    • Temperature: If your child has an elevated temperature (over 100 degrees) in the evening or morning before school and exhibits symptoms of a cold, cough, or sore throat keep him/her home and seek the advise of your physician. A child should remain home for 24 hours after an elevated temperature returns to normal.
    • Stomach Upset: Your child should remain at home 24 hours following a stomach or intestinal upset or until they can resume their normal diet.
    • Rash: If your child has a rash that is itchy or oozing, keep him/her home and seek the advice of your physician.
    • Red-Eyes: Red, itchy eyes with a discharge. Your child should be kept home and seek the advice of your physician.
    • Hand Washing
    • This remains the number on defense against germs.
    • Remind your child to cover their nose and mouth when sneezing and coughing and then to wash their hands.
    • Remind your child to wash their hands after using the bathroom and before eating.
    • P.E./Recess Exclusion
    • Children may be excused for one day with a parents note.
    • A physician’s note is required for longer exclusions or following surgery, hospitalization, or injury.
    • A physician’s note is required clearing a child for return to P.E.
    • Medication
    • Medication may only be administered by the school nurse.
    • A written order by a physician is required for all medication administered in school. This applies to both prescription and non-prescription (over the counter) medications.
    • Medications must be provided in its original container.
    • Please notify the nurses office if your child takes medication.
    • Please contact us immediately if your child has contacted a communicable disease or is hospitalized.

    Summer and Spring Reminders


    • It is important to apply sunscreen even if you already have a tan. Damage to young skin can lead to problems later in life. 
    • Don’t forget to put it on children before outdoor activities, especially behind ears and back of neck.


    • The transition from summer to school is difficult for the children. It is important that they get a good night’s sleep so they keep up their energy level to get through the day.


    • It is important for children to drink plenty of water when the temperature outside rises. 
    • In the warm weather please send your child with a water bottle.
    • Encourage your child drink frequently, even if they are not thirsty.


    • If your child has spring/summer allergies, please let us know.
    • Remind your child if they are sneezing or coughing a lot to cover their nose or mouth and then wash their hands.

    Winter Reminders

    • Please monitor your child’s outerwear daily. Dress in layers. Wear hat. Wear mittens or gloves.
    • Remind your child to tell an adult if they are feeling cold outdoors. They will be directed indoors to get warm and be evaluated. Also they must let someone know if their shoes/boots, mittens/gloves or clothing becomes wet when outside.
    • Remind your child to cover their nose when they sneeze or their mouth when they cough and then to wash their hands.