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  • *Result unknown: You don't know the answer and you are trying to figure this out. (ex. I have 5 apples and I get 2 more, how many do I have? OR I have 8 apples, I eat 3, how many do I have?)

    *Change unknown: This means that you are searching for the number that will change what you started with and will give you the result. (Eric has 9 golf balls. He finds some more in the basement. Now Eric has 13 golf balls. How many golf balls did Eric find in the basement? OR Kristin had 5 apples. How many more apples will she need to have 11 apples all together?)

    *Start unknown: You don't know what number you start with (ex. Clifford has some bones. Emily gave him 3 more bones. Now Clifford has 12 bones. How many bones did Clifford have to start with?

    Fourth Grade Geometry Review Guide

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