• Philosophy

    A child’s ability to learn is influenced by his health status. School nurses, with their specialized education and skills, provide the services necessary to maintain wellness and address the health-related needs of students. As a result of these services, the quality of education as well as the quality of life for students are enhanced.

    The Clarkstown Central School District health services program is designed to promote this philosophy as well as to contribute to the goals of the total education program.

    Registered Professional School Nurse:

    • Gives emergency care.
    • Provides mandated screenings for vision, color vision, hearing, and scoliosis.
    • Identifies and follows-up health problems which may interfere with learning.
    • Manages the prevention and control of contagious diseases.
    • Coordinates referrals to community and school based agencies.
    • Provides staff inservice/ staff development.
    • Participates in disaster preparedness.
    • Collaborates with school staff, parents, and health care providers.


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  • How does the district respond to a reported positive case of COVID-19?

  • What is the difference between quarantine and isolation?

  • Who is considered a close contact or an exposure?

  • Are there different guidelines for vaccinated students or staff?

  • How is the time line or return date after quarantine determined?

Susan Sherlock, Coordinator of Health Services
  • Susan Sherlock
    Coordinator of Health Services

    • phone - 845-620-2016
    • fax: 845-639-8068