What is Grad Nite?

  • What is Grad Night?
    Grad Night is an annual event organized by volunteers from South to provide an all-night, alcohol-free, tobacco-free, and drug-free celebration for the graduating class held on the night of graduation.  It’s the graduates’ last chance to be together as an entire class, while staying safe and off the roads.

    When and where is it held?
    Thursday, June 23, 2016
    11PM to 3AM

    Who is eligible to attend?
    Only graduates from South's Class of 2018 may attend.  No guests, girlfriends, boyfriends or students who do not complete graduation requirements are allowed to attend. 

    How can I support grad night?
    A committee of parents, teachers and students has been working to organize the event as well as fundraisers that will help reduce the cost per student.  Please mark your calendars with the fundraiser dates, and please buy your ticket as early as possible.   

     What are the fundraisers?
    We’ve arranged with a number of local restaurants to donate a portion of their proceeds on specific dates.  When you go – to dine-in or take-out -- you must tell them that you’re there to support South’s Grad Night and please thank them for their help.  Food fundraisers will be held throughout the spring.  Details to follow.  Flyers will be distributed through school, CCSD, posted to this area of South's site, and on Facebook.

    When will tickets be sold?
    Early Bird tickets will be on sale for $75
    Regular tickets will be on sale for $100 

    Thank you for your support!