• Clarkstown High School North
    New City, N.Y.  10956

    Student Parking Regulations - SENIORS Only


    For specific instructions for registering for parking during the 2022-2023 school year, please see Registration Instructions.  Only SENIORS are permitted to park in the student lots on the North campus.

    Please go to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles website to obtain all the necessary information on  policies for licensed drivers.  Please note: students with Learner’s Permits will not be issued a parking permit.

    1. STUDENT PARKING ON SCHOOL GROUNDS IS A PRIVILEGE, not a right.  Only SENIORS are permitted to apply for student parking.
    • All New York State and local traffic and licensing laws must be followed at all times.  
    • A student subject to disciplinary offenses, such as (but not limited to) fighting or breaking school rules is liable to have his/her parking privilege revoked at the discretion of the school administration.  (SEE PARKING POLICY IN STUDENT HANDBOOK).
    1. Any speeding or reckless driving on campus will result in the immediate suspension of one's parking permit.
    1. Any changes to vehicle information must be reported to the Annex Office immediately.
    1. A student’s car parked in areas marked NO PARKING, FIRE LANE, VISITOR or designated for HANDICAPPED OR FACULTY AND STAFF PARKING will be subject to ticketing, booting, and/or towing at the expense of the owner.  No warning will be issued.
    1. Students are not permitted to go to their cars until the end of their school day.  Cars are not to be used in lieu of school lockers.
    1. Parking decals are to be displayed on the passenger side front windshield.  The decals may not be transferred from one student to another. 
    1. Students are not allowed to move cars from one parking spot to another until 2:15 P.M.
    1. Employment, class schedule, and availability of alternative transportation will not be considered in the assignment of parking permits.
    1. Students are expected to abide by parking regulations at all times when school is in session.
    1. All drivers must follow the directions of any duly authorized school personnel with regard to the use of their cars on school grounds.
    1. Students must submit a parent permission form, a copy of their driver's license, a copy of vehicle registration, and complete the online parking registration form located in the "2023 Senior Class Parking" Google classroom.
    1. All outstanding fines/obligations must be rectified prior to receiving a permit.
    1. Only SENIOR students may park on the North campus.  Juniors are NOT permitted to park on campus because there are NOT enough student parking spots. Any juniors parking on campus will be subject to school discipline.
    1. Seniors will be assigned to park in either the MAIN or the BALLFIELD Lot for the Fall 2022 semester.  Failure to park in your assigned lot with the school issued sticker on your front windshield will lead to a loss of parking privileges on the NHS campus.  
    1. Parking registration is ongoing throughout the year until all stickers are distributed and the lots are full.  Seniors may pick up their parking stickers from the Annex Office starting September 6, 2022 between 7:45AM and 2:45PM.