• What The Withhold Consent Form IS NOT About:

    Sharing student data or test scores with outside vendors

    • Whether a student is opted in or out, student data is shared with vendors the District has contracted with to run the day to day operations.
      • There are provisions in our contracts with these vendors that obligate them to protect student data as outlined in the Parents’ Bill of Rights and FERPA.
    • The Withhold Consent Form is not about opting out of testing.

     What The Withhold Consent Form IS About:
    Protecting students from public attention

    • If a student is opted out, their Directory Information and Student Work can not be shared on our website, social media sites, in District publications, with the local media or in any other public forum.
      • For example, an opted out student can not be included in publications or photos such as:
        • student awards and competitions
        • team sports
        • student plays and performances
        • school newspapers
        • classroom blogs
        • student and class photos
        • School yearbooks
        • or any other District or classroom related events or projects.


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