Peer tutoring is a district service in which High School student tutors come recommended by faculty.  These students can tutor from the elementary level to the specific content areas on the middle school and/or high school levels. 
    The fee is $15 an hour paid directly to the tutor by the parents/guardians of those students being tutored.  During tutoring sessions an adult must be present at all times.  Suggested meeting places are a public library, an available classroom after school, or the Homework Center at North High School.

    Please note: The availability of peer tutors towards the end of the school year can be limited with many of our peer tutors involved in preparing for their own end of the year activities including completion of final projects, preparation for final exams, and graduation from high school. Otherwise, we do have a pool of peer tutors generally available from September through April of each school year. 

    Who To Contact

    To begin a new tutoring arrangement please complete the Tutoring Request Form and email it to:

    • The Peer Tutoring District Coordinator
      Mary Chamberlain - mchamberlain@ccsd.edu

    For questions regarding an existing tutoring arrangement please contact: 


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