• The Registration office is open Monday to Friday, 8am - 4pm.
    • For All Registrations, including changes of address, please make an appointment with the District Registrar by email or by phone.

    Kindergarten Registration

    • Download the Kindergarten Registration packet found under related files to the right. 
    • Call the school for an appointment
    • Bring your soon to be kindergartener with you to the appointment

    Grades 1-12

    • Download and complete the Registration packet found under related files to the right. You will be asked for the requested documentation during your appointment.

    Preschool and Special Education Services

    • Complete the Registration Packet and provide the requested documentation. (Please note: Health Services Registration Forms are not needed for Preschool Education Services)

    Change of Address

    If your address changes it is essential that you provide the district with updated information. 

    • Change of address is by appointment only and requires current residency documentation. 
    • Once you have provided the required documentation to the district registrar, your child's school and the transportation department will be notified.

    Questions? Call the Registrar at 845-639-6310

    Please call if you require foreign language assistance.

District Registrar