Strawtown School Nurse



    When your child will be absent or late:
    Please call the nurse at (845) 624-3473 Ext 4 and leave a message on the answering machine with the name, reason and grade.

    Children need to come to school healthy and ready to learn.  Working together we will have an environment where healthy students will achieve. I am available to assist you with the care of your child's health.  Please do not hesitate to contact me.   In order to keep your child healthy, we suggest the following guidelines:

    Children must remain home when:

    • They have a temperature of 100 degrees or more 
    • They have been vomiting
    • They have a persistent cough that would interfere with classroom activity 
    • They have colored eye drainage
    • They have a sore throat that interferes with swallowing or being exposed to someone with a “Strep”  throat
    • They have a suspicious or draining rash

    Children may NOT return to school unless:

    • They are fever free for 24 hours WITHOUT  medication for fever
    • They have NOT vomited for 24 hours
    • A FULL 24 hours has passed since their first dose of antibiotics for strep throat or eye/skin infection

    Physical and Dental Forms
    Physical and dental appraisals are mandated by the state for all children in Kindergarten2nd and 4th grades and all New entrants.  The forms must be submitted to the school nurse. School screenings will be performed by the school doctor/local dentist for those who do not return private exam forms.  Scoliosis Exams for all 5th graders

    The policy of the Clarkstown Central School District regarding children taking medication during the school day is as follows:
    Medicine must be brought in its original container with the child's name, dosage and frequency clearly indicated on it along with a written prescription signed by the child's doctor.

    Check your child’s hair on a daily basis for lice.  If you treat your child, please report the treatment to me.  This will assist me in controlling the spread of lice in our school. For more information you can go onto this website.   http://www.ccsd.edu/Page/1222

    If your child has any allergies, please notify the school nurse.  

    Please contact me immediately if your child has contacted a communicable disease or is hospitalized, or any other change in medical history.  Also, please keep me informed of any change in phone numbers.  Thank you for your cooperation.  If you have any questions, please call me!

    FOR ALL HEALTH FORMS CLICK ON THIS SITE: http://www.ccsd.edu/Page/1233