• The mission of the Laurel Plains Elementary School is to create a nurturing, challenging and supportive learning environment that encourages each student to be respectful and socially responsible and to reach his/her full potential. Our school community is committed to our motto, “Be the Best You Can Be!”

    Laurel Plains Elementary School is one of ten elementary schools in the Clarkstown Central School District. Built in 1962, Laurel Plains is nestled in a residential community in the southern part of New City, NY.

    The school serves more than 400 students in grades K-5 with more than 90 staff members. Laurel Plains Elementary School has an average of three classes on a grade level. In 2004, a three-room addition was built which houses two third grade classrooms and the resource room. Art, music, physical education and library instruction are also part of the comprehensive educational program provided at Laurel Plains.

    In addition to the regular education programs, Laurel Plain’s offers extra services to students. The ESL (English as a Second Language) program serves the students who are second language learners and celebrates the diversity of our population. There are academic assistance programs in both reading and mathematics. Laurel Plains also houses an enrichment program for students to further enhance their education. Finally, the school is proud to offer district-wide special education classes. Support services include speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy.

    Students receive a well-balanced education meeting the requirements of the New York State Department of Education. The curriculum consists of: a well-balanced literacy program with a connection between reading and writing; a comprehensive mathematics program emphasizing critical thinking and problem solving skills; an inquiry-based science program encouraging hands-on learning; an inclusive social studies program in grades K-5; integration of music and arts to enhance the curriculum; and a physical education and wellness program highlighting the importance of personal health.

    Technology is infused throughout the educational program. For group skill instruction and computer research, the school has a Library/Media Center and school computer lab with Internet access. All classrooms are fully equipped with Internet via three computer terminals and one plasma screen for class presentation. Further supporting curriculum integration, the kindergarten classrooms, special education classrooms, art room and library have SMART Boards installed. The kindergarten classrooms also have document cameras to enhance learning. Finally, there are two laptop carts accessible for students to access technology from their classrooms.

    Laurel Plains is a supportive environment for students. With psychologists and student assistance counselors on staff, the Laurel Plains community is committed to the well-being of each individual child. Friendship Groups are organized to facilitate socialization skills. Additionally, Changing Family Groups are organized for students in need of additional support. The district also offers the CANDLE program (Community Awareness Network for a Drug-Free Life and Environment) whose goal is to improve the health and climate of our schools and our communities by providing prevention education and resistance strategies to youth and their adult allies, and support programs for young people at risk. Fifth grade students participate in the DARE (Drug Awareness Resistance Education) program through the local police department.

    Laurel Plains is fortunate to have parents who are an integral part of the school community. The school’s active PTA links the home and the school. The PTA plans special programs and activities that supplement the curriculum and enhance children's enjoyment of school. These include such programs as cultural arts assemblies, book fairs, and evening activities for students and their families. In addition, parent volunteers run the school store and the school publishing center.

    The Laurel Plains staff is committed to providing the best education possible. Staff members participate in professional development opportunities further honing their skills to increase their repertoire of instructional strategies. These dedicated professionals provide a safe, nurturing school environment in which students thrive. There truly is no place like Laurel Plains!