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    Thinking like a mathematician  involves visualizing all kinds of mathematical patterns.  How many can you spot hiding inside Pascal's Triangle?

     Pascal's Triangle

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     Click here for Zearn.

    Click here for Dreambox Math.

    Click here for SeeSaw.


    RECOMMENDED APPS FOR TABLETS AND PHONES -  Some also have web-based programs.  Check for fees:

    • K-1:  
    1. Todo Math  
    2. Dexteria Dots  
    3. Hungry Guppy


    • K-2:  
    1. Number Bonds (difficulty level can be set by parents)
    2. Thinking Blocks Junior (web-based program only for word problem solving)


    • 2-5:  
    1. Splash Math (If you get the grade-based package, it should be the grade your child just completed).
    2. Thinking Blocks - word problems activities involving addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, and fractions (three different sets)