Hi all,

    The Elementary Spanish department has created choice boards for each grade level.  Students can choose two activities to complete a week. We have linked songs, games, worksheets and other engaging activities for the students to complete.  

    There are a few ways of completing these activities. 

    1. Students can print out and complete worksheets by hand.

    2. Students can write or draw their responses on looseleaf.

    3. Board games can be played by printing them out or playing them on a device.

    4. Students can “make a copy” of the google document and share it with their Spanish teacher upon completion. Please do not click request edit access. Instead, click File on the top left hand corner. Then click, Make a copy. This will allow your child to work directly on the document.

    We are eager for students to continue practicing their language skills!  We would be more than happy for students to share their work with us through Google Drive, Seesaw or e-mail!  Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.


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    1st Grade Online Learning

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    4th Grade Online Learning

    5th Grade Online Learning



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    news 2

    iBienvenidos! Welcome to your Spanish teacher's website! This is a place where you can come to review what we learned in class! There are links to websites where you can practice through games and songs. Speaking of songs….I will also put the songs we sing in class so you can continue to listen and practice at home. Show and teach them to your family! Enjoy!