"Be The Inspiration" Archive 2017-18

  • 2018 May - Lakewood Elementary

    Lakewood Students Who Participated in the Invention Convention Where most people see problems, these students see solutions. They all participated in The Nick Serra Design and Invention Convention 2018, and for some, this was not a first. Our 4th Grade Dimensions students, all of whom are inventors, created a video to share with the school to encourage others to participate. We had 14 students from all grades 1 through 5 participate. They each sought to make things better for those around them, whether in designing a toilet seat with a handle so mom doesn’t have to touch it or in creating a box to hold tissues, both clean and dirty, to use when you are sick. These students were quite original in their efforts, and serve as an inspiration to us all, reminding us that there is always a way to turn things around and make them better! 



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  • February 2018 - Birchwood School

    BW Student Could I ever have a break from the mean comments? Even though the answer to this question is no, I learned that my voice is louder than theirs. I also learned to hold close the people who believe in me and lift me up rather than put me down. I learned that bullies are only jealous or hurt themselves and that words hurt so I choose to be kind to others and lift them up, especially myself!


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  • January 2018 - Felix Festa Middle SchoolFFMS Students

    This year, Felix Festa developed a program to develop young leaders who could assist with the transition of students from grade 5 to grade 6.  These students, our “Felix Festa Ambassadors,” under the guidance of Mrs. Madigan and Dr. O’Casey, helped students get acclimated to 6th grade including attending the 6th grade orientation and assisting in homeroom during Olweus and No Place for Hate lessons.  They will also be providing our incoming 6th graders and parents with information at upcoming meetings in February and March. Their knowledge and experience from the student perspective has been invaluable for our new students.

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  • BD Gold Team December 2017 - Bardonia Elementary

    Every year, fourth and fifth grade students volunteer to be part of Bardonia’s Student Council. As a student council member, children volunteer to find ways to connect all Bardonia students and families to our greater community. In addition to supporting district initiatives such as the fall UNICEF Penny Drive and Toys for Tots, Bardonia students work together with families to make and be the difference in the lives of many. This fall, children wanted to help hurricane victims. Reaching out to our Bardonia community, over 100 pairs of new pajamas were collected and donated to families in need. In November, our Gold team hosted a food drive in which over 700 lbs of food was collected through the generosity of our Bardonia community to support People to People. This December, our White team is hosting a winter clothing drive where new or gently used winter coats, hats, scarves, etc. are being collected and donated to families in need throughout Rockland County. With many such acts scheduled throughout the school year, Bardonia’s Student Council under the facilitation of Mrs. Wein and Mr. Pisano continues to inspire us all!


    BD White Team


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  • Elad Raymond (NHS) November 2017 - North HS

    "When we set out on this journey together, we expected to fill a bus. Now, as the supplies nearly push through the roof and extend into the sky, I see that when we come together as a community, as a family for the right reasons, there is no ceiling, no limit to what we can achieve."

    --Elad Raymond (Clarkstown High School North (12th Grade)

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  • Katherine Byrnes

    October 2017 - South HS

    "I didn't notice it at all really, until one day, during track practice on the way back to school during a long road run, as we neared a familiar landmark, I turned and said to my teammates we were only two miles from home. And at that moment, I realized: it was. A home, that is. A place you can always feel welcome. Surrounded by people you care about and who are looking out for you." -Katherine Byrnes SHS CLass of 2017 Valedictorian

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